Programme 2017

Thursday, 29.6.2017

19:30 Get Together [Dinner at Pfefferkorn, Alter Markt, in Central Dortmund – meet in the lobby of Novum Hotel at 19:30]

International Research Conference

Venue: Emil-Figge-Strasse 44, Room 2.01 (2nd Floor)

Friday, 30.6.2017

09:00 Opening (Christian Reimann, Carsten Wolff)
Greetings from Rectorate: Andrea Kienle, Katrin Löhr, Vice Rectors

09:15 Session on Competences & Education (chair: Wolfgang Tysiak)
  • The relationship of emotional intelligence, creative potential and efficiency of the project manager, Sergey Bushuyev, Denis Bushuiev, Nadiia Rusan and Olena Verenych
  • International Postgraduate Grant Programs - How To Help Students Use Them, Anna Badasian
  • Working in International Project Teams: Life-Long Perspective, Olga Mikhieieva
  • Managing the Digital Transformation – Digital & Projectized Master Education, Carsten Wolff

10:45 Coffee Break – Poster Session & Exhibition

11:30 Session on Methods & Tools in Project Management, Part 1 (chair: Nerea Toledo Gandarias)
  • Increasing probability of successful projects complete, Pavlo Teslenko, Svitlana Antoshchuk and Victor Krylov
  • The project-level and firm-level alignment in electrical utilities. A multiple case study, Maria Aguilar, Jose Ramon Otegi and Leticia Fuentes
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Benefits of Knowledge Management in Projects: A Combined Approach from Literature and Praxis. Marina Mayor Musetti, Ekaterina Terenteva, Natalia Carranza Madrazo, Ala Nuseibah
  • An Approach for harnessing maximum benefits from Knowledge Management Systems. Sarosh Khan, Matthias Waidmann, Thomas Strücker

13:00 Lunch Break

14:00 Session on Projectized Business (chair: Galina Tabunshchyk)
  • Service-oriented collaborative business models enabling elderly people to stay longer in their homes, Jelena Bleja, Uwe Großmann and Igor Khess
  • Sales and Operations Planning - An analysis of job offer requirements, Jose Maripangui Gonzalez and Katja Klingebiel
  • Conceptual and theoretical insights from ecodesign pilot projects: The basque Industry case, Paulina Bienvenida Jones Mercedes

15:15 Coffee Break – Poster Session & Exhibition

16:00 Session on Risks in Project Management (chair: José Ramón Otegi Olaso)
  • Influence of Project Risk on Performance of Software Projects, Rao Aamir Ali Khan and Syeda Komal Anjum
  • Risk Management and the Agile Approach, Wolfgang Tysiak
  • Controlling Aspects in International Project Management, Werner Wetekamp

19:00 Conference Dinner – Strobels (next to BVB Stadium)

Saturday, 01.07.2017

09:00 Session on IT Project Management (chair: Anatoly Sachenko)
  • Features of the application of Agile & Scrum Methodologies in Media Monitoring, Mykhailo Yavorskyi
  • Issues Related to Implementing Project Management in IT Sector, Bilal Khalid
  • Analysis of admissible limits for changing parameters of project planning, Oksana Dunets, Carsten Wolff and Anatoliy Sachenko
  • Impact of Risk Management Measures on Project Success in IT Projects, Lateef Olayinka Akinyemi

10:30 Coffee Break – Poster Session & Exhibition

11:00 Session on Sustainable Project Management (chair: André Dechange)
  • The Project Knowledge Management: a key factor in the integration of Sustainability in Project Management, Leticia Fuentes Ardeo, Maria Aguilar and Jose Ramon Otegi Olaso
  • Strategic Postures for Sustainability in Projects of the Project Based Organization, Gilbert Silvius and Ron Schipper
  • Sustainability in the Educational Process through Sustainable Software, Peter Arras, Polina Shynkarenko and Galyna Tabunshchyk
  • The blended mental space as one of the factors for sustainability and success in project implementation process, Olena Verenych
  • Project Management Office (PMO): An Operating Model for Public Enterprises in Cameroon to achieve Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, Ekomenzoge Metuge

13:00 Lunch Break

14:00 Session on Technology & Entrepreneurship (chair: Peter Arras)
  • Startup’s Project Management, Hossein Shirgir
  • Field report: Entrepreneurship in the Medtech sector, Alexandru Sereseanu and Sascha Richter
  • Multi-Agent System to the rescue! Approach to support production planning, Andreas Wojtok, David Grimm and Martin Hirsch

15:15 Coffee Break

15:45 Session on Methods & Tools in Project Management, Part 2 (chair: Rimantė Hopenienė)
  • Different Dimensions of Knowledge Management Benefits in Projects – An Empirical Overview. Kamran Musa, Subin Baidya, Tribane Saha, Ala Nuseibah
  • Enhancing cognitive readiness of construction project teams, Chinwi Mgbere
  • Project Management Research & Practise. Beverly Pasian

17:15 Conference Closure

Summer School

Venue: Emil-Figge-Straße 42 & 44/ Otto-Hahn-Straße 23/ Sonnenstraße 96-100/ Dortmunder U
(For detailed information, please check the schedules of the single streams and events.)

Sunday, 02.07.2017

18:00 Social Event – kick off summer school, Barbecue at KostBar
(Christian Reimann and the good old boys)

Monday, 03.07.2017

09:00 – 10:00 Summer School Opening, at EFS42 A.E.02 (Christian Reimann, Carsten Wolff)

Tuesday, 04.07.2017

18:00 Game Night (Games, BBQ & Beer)

Friday, 7.7.2017

13:00 – 16:00 Result Presentation (plenary) & Closure, at EFS42 A.E.01