Processes for Projects

Project management standards describe processes project manager should use to run a project. In PMBOK 5 there are 47 processes subdivided into 5 process groups and 10 knowledge areas. Not for all process group/knowledge areas processes are defined.

For most knowledge areas in the Initiating Process Group in PMBOK 5 there are no processes defined. In the following data flow diagram we see the Plan Scope Management Process as the first process in the knowledge area for Project Scope Management - in the process group for planning.


Plan Scope Management takes input from the processes Develop Project Charter and from Develop Project Management Plan. In addition to that inputs on Enterprise Environmental Factors and Organizational Process Assets are expected. There is no clear definition about these inputs ("organizational culture", "government or industry standards", "practices", "habits"). Besides a clear definition of such inputs we miss "enterprise factors" really related to the project we want to manage. We miss a definition of the direct context of a project. Is it included in a program or portfolio? In which one? Is a PMO selected to manage or support this project?

In the figure below we extended the data flow diagram for Plan Scope Management. The new processes should be included in the Initiating Process Group.


The next figure shows the first process of Project Stakeholder Management according to PMBOK. Again a clear definition of "enterprise factors" is missing. And again we need a dedicated information for the project to manage.


Without information about programs and PMOs it is not possible complete a stakeholder register and an analysis of the requirements of stakeholders. The next figure shows a first appropriate extension.