Application of Project Management in Different Domains

Coordinators: Carsten Wolff (Dortmund), Christian Reimann (Dortmund), Christoph Engels (Dortmund)


In this session selected research results developed in companies are presented and discussed.


Philipp Spenhoff: Process Optimization at Siemens - Critical Factors and Criteria for Project Success

Emīls Pūlmanis, Silvija Bruņa: Cost-Benefit Analysis: Challenges and Opportunities in Construction Projects

Emīls Pūlmanis, Silvija Bruņa - LU Riga Latvia: Recognition of Project Manager Profession

Artur Mukhametshin: Intourist - Thomas Cook Integration Project

Fabian Schulz: The concept of In Memory Business Intelligence - an Overview

Baris Izci: Lessons Learned at Hella

Laura Esmeralda Garcia Moreno: Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) in DESERTEC - Analysis of Technologies to Secure and Affordable Energy Supply
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B. Bordihn, C. Elmali, D. Fruhner, C. Göhner, A. Heller, A. Lottis, L. Mewes, M. Raschke, A. Strauss: Failures of Hardware and Software Co-Design Projects in History

Pietrowski Sebastian,Voss Anna, Kornev Paul, Mizhis Borys, Mirzayeva Maryam, Bastert Torben, Wissing Matthias: Communication problems between dierent engineering domains in HW/SW-codesign

Alina Zlatescu: Supply Chain Challenges through highly customized Head of Versions for Airbus Programmes