Competences in Projects and Organizations

Coordinators: Peter Reusch (Dortmund), Muhammad Khushnood (Dortmund), Sergio Vasquez Kaufmann (Dortmund), Sabine Hotho (Dundee)


Competences for project managers are well defined since many years - competence baselines like IPMA ICB are well establish.

The definitions of competences in other areas (human resource management, higher education, ... ) are developed in parallel.

Harmonization of concepts for competences is an important issue for the future - in higher education and in many fields of management.

In this module we will discuss concepts and perspectives.


Werner Wetekamp – CFO RWE Polska: Competencies in Projects and Organizations – Example RWE Polska –

Sergio Vasquez Kaufmann, Muhammad Khushnood. Peter Reusch: On Competence Based Project Management

Alexandru Sereseanu:Developing Modern Education Systems for the Delivery of Quality Learning Outcomes

José Ramon Otegi Olaso: Organizations for Development of Technology Research Projects – A case study

Sabine Hotho: Change Management Capability in Project Organizations (presentationSaturday)